Monday, July 23, 2007

Minnesota: Scott Van Pelt Is Dead To Us

You heard me.

Hat tip to Twins Territory.

Scott Van Pelt, your subtle comic stylings are no longer welcome within my state's borders. How dare you suggest that Minnesota is boring and North Dakota-like. (And everybody needs to get their facts straight - Fargo takes place almost entirely within the state of Minnesota, the title notwithstanding.) And how dare you insinuate that Minnesota is a state not worth remembering.

Joe Mauer, we are disappointed in you. How you could keep from standing up and pummeling Van Pelt is beyond us. He clearly deserved it. On the other hand, I suppose there is still such a thing as "Minnesota Nice," and we're glad that you represented that so completely.

But Scott Van Pelt, you are now public enemy #1. Do not dare insult us. Or we shall be forced to get so angry that we may fail - just for a moment - to be completely polite. Do not tempt us. You wouldn't like us when we're almost imperceptibly rude.

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