Thursday, January 17, 2008

NHL: "Erudite" Barely Describes It

So I get this email from the NHL, highlighting the best in the league. Included is a segment of video picks, the top one of which is this clip, titled "Mic'd Up." Apparently both Brad Boyes and Tomas Holmstrom wore microphones for a recent Blues-Red Wings tilt, and this segment recorded the results. Seeing that the clip was over three minutes long, I settled in for a display that might be funny, might be revealing, but definitely would be entertaining.

Here now, I present the best quote from the video, which also happens to be the funniest AND the most controversial thing said by either Boyes or Holmstrom:

"Good shot. I thought you had him." - Brad Boyes
You want insight into the game-inside-the-game, then is your destination! Is this the year?

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