Monday, April 07, 2008

Media Watch: Charley Walters credits a blogger, and the Gleeman poll results

Last week, I noted that FOX9 News had picked up a story from Stick and Ball Guy without actually crediting the blog. Since I ripped the TV station for this, I must give credit to the St. Paul Pioneer Press's Charley Walters, who picked up the same story - and actually credited SBG. The quote:

An Internet rights domain for "" has been purchased by the Twins, as pointed out by SBG Nation online magazine, but the Twins say they have registered dozens of domains and that there is no front-runner for corporate naming rights for their new ballpark.
Full marks to Walters and the PiPress for actually crediting the source. Also note that CarterHayes, who originally broke the story, talked to the Twins front office and has an update on the story today.

Second, I also had a poll going last week to (unscientifically) determine baseball columnist Aaron Gleeman's approval rating. Though I do not presume to suggest that a poll on this site could even pretend to actually measure Gleeman's approval, the results showed that, by a margin of 58%-42%, readers do approve.

If you collected all of the other mainstream media columnists in town - those from both major papers, the radio hosts, et cetera - I don't know that any would even approach a favorable rating. In other words, good for Gleeman - he could be just about the most popular columnist in town right now.


Zwak said...

I do get a lot of good information from Aaron's site but it does bother me that he named the site after himself. That's a little arrogant for me.

I would much prefer something like "" or something like that. I bet you could come up with some creative ones.

Jon Marthaler said...

To be fair, he started it in 2002, before having a decent or different name for a website was all the rage. And he's never had to go through re-naming (or the embarrassment of having a completely ridiculous name for a site, like me.)

Anonymous said...

Gleeman is Pat Ruesse with a few more stats.

Same build, same negative spin on most things, same arrogance - but decent writers.


brianS said...

Gleeman writes for a living and his blog is and was a major advertising tool for his work (and eventually a revenue source, it seems). I don't see why he should be open for criticism for building his brand name.

TwinsJunkie said...

Naming a site after yourself isn't much different than having a byline under your stories.

Anonymous said...

I do like the fact that Aaron indulges me the way he did on his April 11th entry. For all his success, recent good fortune and valid insights with regards to Twins baseball he is young and doesn't have all that much mileage on him so he is prone to saying dumb things.

I also think his style is such that he looks down his nose at everyone. He seems to get off thumbing his nose at and criticizing journalists as if they are all stooges who are beneath him. I'd be fine with that if he actually allowed for some give and take, but Aaron doesn't do that. He takes the 'my way or the highway' approach on his site and is generally intolerant of opinions that challenge his.

The thing is, Aaron runs his site like it's Sunday school and he's the teacher. I suppose that's alright if you like to just sit there like a drone with your hands crossed nodding in unison with other drones who ride on his every word. Not me. I get my own information and I certainly do not need any 'insider information' he tosses up on his website.

Warmest regards,