Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A Questionably-Sourced Bio Of Scott Diamond

Talk about things spiraling.

Sunday afternoon, I was still figuring out who was going to pitch the next day's doubleheader for the Twins, so that I could write the game preview threads for Twinkie Town. Around then, the team announced Scott Baker was headed to the disabled list, and that lefty Scott Diamond was on his way to Minneapolis to start Monday's nightcap.

This caught me by surprise. And the Twinkie Town interface didn't have a single bit of info on Diamond. Usually we at least have access to a little widget that shows a photo, height and weight, and that sort of basic information. This time we didn't.

So I started making up my own biography for Diamond. About the time I wrote, "His mother was a Cape buffalo and his father was a bolt of lightning," I realized that purely by accident, I had stumbled into potentially the silliest post I'd ever write. So that became my Monday column: A Questionably-Sourced Bio Of Scott Diamond.

Monday morning, I got an email from Greg Layson of the Guelph Mercury, Diamond's hometown paper, requesting that I call. I did, and we chatted about why I'd choose to write something so goofy, and about why the Twins had so many Canadians.

The resulting article marked three milestones:

  1. It's the only time I'll ever be quoted in the same article as the father of a major-league baseball player.
  2. It's the only time I'll ever be quoted making fun of myself in a newspaper in another country.
  3. It's the only time I'll get a chance to suggest that the Twins are more Canada's team than the Blue Jays are.
The internet is a wonderful thing, isn't it?

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